BBA design studio was established in Milan in 2005 by architects Barbara Ballabio and Andrea Burgio who have been working in the Interior Design field for the past 25 years, with a focus on high-end retail projects. BBA studio aims to blend traditional craftsmanship with digital technology to create beauty and evoke emotions. Its concrete approach leads to customized solutions, experimenting with materials and techniques within the field of interior architecture.

Who we are

The studio team is now consisting of more than 30 people including architects, product designers, engineers and 3d specialists. The contamination of multifaceted professionalism that comes from 6 different nations (Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Rwanda, and Russia) means that BBA’s project proposal emerges from a choral synthesis in which the quality of the collaborators constitutes a true strength.

BBA has developed solid relationships in the field of contracting and has a deep knowledge of the world of Italian craftsmanship. Such wide network allows us to manage the project in all its phases from the development of innovative and creative solutions to the engineering of constructive details together with the millworkers, ensuring an efficient delivery and compliance with deadlines.


  • Barbara Ballabio

    Founding Partner

  • Andrea Burgio

    Founding Partner


  • Sara Arangio


  • Francesca Castellani

    Senior Partner

  • Andrea Nesta

    Senior Partner

  • Eleonora Variola



  • Stefanie Battistella

    Senior Interior Designer

  • Tiziana Bonfiglio

    Office Manager

  • Luna Casali

    Interior Designer

  • Roberto Castelli

    Architect/3D Team Coordinator

  • Simone Centonze

    Prototyping Specialist

  • Luca Colombo

    3D Specialist

  • Eugenio Costa

    Prototyping/Model Maker

  • Chiara De Bonis


  • Teresa Deodato


  • Varvara Erikhova

    Computational Designer

  • Beniamino Faliti

    Senior Architect/3D Specialist

  • William Ray Fardetti

    3D Specialist

  • Roberta Fiorentino

    Senior Architect

  • Mohammad Kavian

    Architect VR Specialist

  • Daniele La Rocca


  • Juliana Lucci Latorre


  • Luca Maldera

    3D Specialist

  • Beatrice Messa


  • Elena Moroni

    3D Specialist

  • Elisabetta Nucci


  • Daniela Pecoraro

    3D Modeling Visualization

  • Tiziano Rizzuti

    Interior Designer/3D Specialist

  • Davide Tezza

    Architect/3D Specialist

  • Sebastian Sanchez Garibaldi

    Senior Architect

  • Benedetta Sciaraffa

    Senior Architect

  • Marilena Sgambelluri


  • Federica Sirangelo


  • Leonard Songa

    Architect/3D Specialist

  • Andrea Zazzi

    Engineer/3D Specialist

Former Collaborators

Giorgio Affinito / Ilaria Albertin / Francesco Amendolaggine / Giorgia Anastasio / Christian Asara / Fabio Bassani / Luisanna Botta / Izim Can Kurtaran / Niccolò Carissimi / Francesco Cardone / Federico Castellari / Alessandra Carusi / Angela Casino / Chiara Castellana / Pietro Cavalleri / Laura Cettolin / Carla Cilia / Beatrice Conti / Michele Esposito / Isabella Fellini / Irene Foresto / Gianluigi Formentin / Poè Matteo George / Alessandro Gherzi / Benedetta Giancristoforo / Inmaculada Gil / Paola Girola / Cecilia Hedberg / Alessia Kalivas / Claudio Lorusso / Alessia Lotti / Paolo Matera / Daniela Maturi / Federica Mion / Andrea Morstabilini / Matteo Penitenti Casato / Cecilia Pozzi / Viviana Quaini / Beatrice Quetti / Rosangela Ramirez Lugo / Giulia Sbalchiero / Marina Scandurra/ Stefano Scalone / Isabella Secchi / Alessia Serino / Giulia Siano / Veronica Savi / Giuliana Taggi / Virgilia Tripoli / Jovana Vukoje