Type Boutique Location Via Verri, Milan Year 2023

The project is located In Via Verri in Milan's fashion district. The new Missoni boutique presents itself to the public by interpreting the iconic zig-zag pattern characteristic of the brand's fabrics in an architectural form. This motif is rendered through the skillful use of colors, vertical metal elements, and cuts of light that add dynamism to all the boutique's surfaces and coverings.
The environment is conceived as a fluid space where walls alternate between metal slats and large ceramic tiles, creating a continuous space where the customer's eye can move freely. Throughout the perimeter, as a subtle backdrop, the distinctive graphic texture of Missoni's knitwear, known worldwide and a predominant element of their style, can be observed.
The idea is to create a neutral environment where the true protagonists are the colors and fabrics of the fashion house, while maintaining a degree of stylistic recognizability and a refined language in the choice of materials and lighting. Through a process of synthesis, the new architectural concept speaks of the Missoni world, highlighting the product without overshadowing it.

Photo by Leo Torri

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