Type Boutique Location Via Borgognona, Rome Floor area 175 smq Year 2022

Located on Via Borgognona in Rome, the new Missoni boutique once again showcases the iconic zigzag pattern that characterizes the brand's fabrics.

Inside the store, there is a series of walls that gently connect with each other, partially made of metallic slats and partially of compressed cellulose, aiming to create a continuous space through which the customer's eye can glide unobstructed. Throughout the entire perimeter, as a background detail, you can identify the graphic zigzag texture that has become the hallmark of Missoni's style.

The designers' idea is to create a neutral environment where the true protagonists are the colors and fabrics of the fashion house's clothes and accessories, while maintaining a certain degree of stylistic recognizability and a refined language in the choice of materials and lighting. Through a process of synthesis, the new architectural concept speaks of the Missoni world, highlighting the product without overshadowing it.

Finally, the reinterpretation of the famous pattern acts as a common thread that unites all elements, creating a fluid transition between various spaces and between design and clothing. In this project, great attention has been paid to the research of sustainable materials, in line with the brand's principles.

Photo by Beppe Raso

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